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Take control of your pet’s health with this veterinarian formulated line of animal husbandry products. Now you can make sure you have a clean, great smelling, healthy, and happy pet.

Each product is all natural and was specially formulated to remedy and prevent common ailments seen in many pets. They were then clinically tested by their creator Dr. Juan Casillas in his veterinary practice located in Baldwin Park CA.

Seeing the effectiveness of his products, Dr. Casillas created consumer versions of his clinical products for his patients to take home and administer themselves. Putting the all-natural power of his extremely effective pet care products into your home.

If you want to start taking your pets care seriously, then get the TLC Pet Health Kit Right Away!

The TLC Pet Health Kit
  • All Natural Professional Pet Products The Essential Bundle
  • Contains all six Veterinarian strength home care products 
  • Display Case Not Included  
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When Dr. Juan Casillas II first entered the veterinary world he quickly noticed a huge problem facing the veterinary industry. Low Income families who cannot afford proper care will many times forgo treatment and may even stop taking their pet to the vet all together, leading to thousands of pets suffering in silence, never getting the treatment they so desperately need...